Baby on the way or a newborn has just joined the family?

Make your baby care journey a joyful and stress-free experience!

Join our Newborn Preparation Course!
All the knowledge, tips, and hands-on experience you’ll need to be a confident new mom or dad!

Learn from one of the 7 baby care instructors in Singapore!

Do you feel fully prepared for the many real-life challenges you may face as a new parent? If not, you’re not alone.

Studies have shown that an ill-prepared parent has a higher chance to suffer from lack of sleep, couple disharmony, poor health, stress and anxiety.

The best way to prevent is to 

In our Newborn Preparation Courseyou'll learn...

  • Basics baby care, from carrying, swaddling, to diaper changing & bathing
  • Sleep training, potty training, and parenting style
  • Decipher baby’s cries and learn how to respond to different types of cries
  • Breastfeeding concerns & burping
  • Massage techniques for baby comfort and conditions such as colic and wind
  • Preparation for a smooth & effective post-natal recovery
...and much more!

** Best to attend from 4th month of pregnancy.

Through our course, you will be able to…

❤️ Create a deeper bond with your baby from its early days

❤️ Take away the guessing game to quickly and correctly identify your baby’s need

❤️ Give your baby better health, comfort, and growth

❤️ Have a baby who cry less and settle more easily

❤️ Prevent hurting baby due to incorrect handling or accident

❤️ Experience better feeding results

❤️ Experience a more harmonious marital relationship

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A little about me...

Hi, thanks for your interest thus far! I’m excited for you to embark on this new journey to parenthood.

I’m Sharon, a mother of 2 and a baby care instructor. I had a hard time with my first baby, as I always wanted to give my baby the best care.

But it didn’t happen that way.

The handling of babies, the cries, the stress… It was overwhelming.

It took a toll on my health, and I ended up with depression and anxiety. Since then, I embarked on a journey of learning and practicing on everything about newborn care.

For the past 10 years, I have helped many parents and infant care teachers to have better understanding of babies and educate new mothers on the science of postnatal care.

I'm very glad to know I've helped a little in their journey, as their kind words gave me more motivation to keep going!

Click here to listen to my difficult postnatal experience that makes me a passionate Newborn Care Instructor on "Every Mother Matters" here:-

More reasons to learn with Sharon?

Physical and mental wellness

Besides teaching on baby care, I’ll also cover the mental well-being of new moms, as I believe every mother should be supported on this journey.

Engaging and hands-on

Unlike online learning, my live classes are structured in an interactive and organized manner, with hands-on practice to ensure you get the most of it.

Passionate and Certified

Apart from my passion and experience, I’m also one of the 7 certified baby language instructors, and the only certified innate postpartum care instructor in Singapore.

Course Outline:

Our course consist of 4 modules, and here are the topics covered on each of them :)




  • Mummy Care

Baby Language & Care

✔︎ The 5 senses and the science & history behind newborn language
✔︎ The 5 different types of cries, their variations and what they mean
✔︎ How to respond to baby according to the different types of cries: various settling techniques and when to use which method (swaddling, white noise, burping, breastfeeding concern, fussy baby)
✔︎ What to prepare during pregnancy before baby is born
Settling techniques vs soothing calming techniques and when to use which method “Advanced” newborn language (combination of cries, etc.)
✔︎ How to apply the system: baby journal & the baby-led routine
Case study
** To be taught by a certified baby language instructor


Newborn Preparation Course
Total 4 parts. Conducted on weekends morning and afternoon.
You can attend each part separately, or attend all at once.
(More details will be shared upon signing up.)

Zoom Express (New Online Course!)
Stay Home and Stay Safe with our new course for busy parents!
Wednesday 6:30pm to 9:30pm.

371 Beach Road, City Gate #B1-25, S(199597)

Course focus on newborn from day 1 to 3 years old.
Best to attend from 4th month of pregnancy. 👶🏻

** Temperature check and safe-distancing will be in place. Avoid attending if you're sick, and bring along your own baby doll if you have any.

** Under the MOE guidelines, classes catering to students above 18 yrs old may continue in person, with the required safety measurements in place.

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